Research conducted by Forrester finds that 85% of marketers say their content doesn’t deliver business value. A content strategy informed by intelligent buyer personas can change that.

Even if you’ve done your research, conducted your interviews, and socialized your buyer personas across the organization, using them to increase the effectiveness of content marketing can be a challenge.

Do these common challenges sound familiar?

  • Your content pulls views, but your audience doesn’t stay long enough to read it
  • When they stay long enough to read it, they click away without taking action
  • Conversions through the buying process are painfully slow
  • Your prospects complete forms for gated content, but then…crickets
  • The middle of your funnel is one big, gnarly traffic jam of inactivity
  • Your sales team is still only accepting a fraction of the leads you route to them
  • You’re under pressure to prove ROI, but find it beyond difficult

Putting buyer personas to work effectively will solve these challenges. That’s what I help my clients do every day.

What if your content marketing programs empower your company to:

  • Enter new markets and generate revenue, in 25% less time than forecast
  • Get salespeople into buyer conversations before competitors get their attention
  • Shorten time for conversions, significantly increasing pipeline momentum
  • Increase session engagement with relevant problem-to-solution content that drives intent
  • Grow click-to-open rates way beyond benchmarks for lead nurturing programs
  • Generate brand advocacy that drives increased awareness and referrals
  • Produce more marketing qualified leads that your sales team will pursue

That’s what happens when intelligent buyer personas empower you to deliver relevant content that resonates with your prospects every step of the way.

A B2B Buyer Persona Assessment will show you how to get those results—fast.

I’m Ardath Albee and I’ve created hundreds of B2B buyer personas over the past nine years. In every case these personas played a critical role in driving marketing performance and contribution to revenues for my clients.

I’ve helped my clients use their personas to create and implement content marketing strategies for lead generation, lead nurturing, demand generation, social media, and sales enablement. I’ve also written two indispensable books about buyer personas, content marketing and how they work together to contribute to marketing ROI and organizational performance.

I get calls from a lot of marketers who tell me they’ve created buyer personas and they’re ready to develop a content marketing strategy and get content out the door. They need results, and they need them now.

The thing is, when I review the buyer personas I find a lot of essential ingredients aren’t all there. There’s just not a lot of depth and breadth in how they’re built.  

ICC16 Buyer Persona Session It’s in response to feedback like this that I’ve decided to offer B2B Buyer Persona Assessments. I want to help marketers move the needle by applying buyer personas to improve their content marketing programs:

“Great info to augment current practices. Would love to see an Ardath-led interactive workshop where folks bring their personas and we talk about what's missing.” Intelligent Content Conference 2016

MME16_testimonial“Tons of practical information and examples.  Wish this one was another hour for more examples.” Intelligent Content Conference 2016

Finally, a mature marketer who doesn't think more is always better. Thank you for the practical approach that actually thinks about how people like to receive content. I have several solid takeaways and new ideas that I think can help my work. Content Marketing World 2019

From the conversations I’m having with B2B marketers, it’s clear to me that hands-on guidance in how to use buyer personas will transform the effectiveness of your content marketing programs.

You want to move fast and strategically. A B2B Buyer Persona Assessment tips the scales in your favor by helping you successfully put your personas to work. I’ll show you exactly what to do to perfect them.

Even better, now you can get my battle-tested insights at a fraction of the cost that I charge to build buyer personas from the ground up.

My B2B Buyer Persona Assessment is Perfect for Marketers Who:

  • Have created buyer personas but are unsure how to apply them in practice
  • Want to improve alignment with their sales teams
  • Feel the pressure to generate more qualified leads
  • Are committed to creating a documented content strategy
  • Find producing engaging content difficult
  • Have multiple personas but aren’t sure how they work together
  • Need to improve the effectiveness and business value content marketing delivers
  • Struggle to engage buyers over the duration of a complex buying process

B2B Buyer Persona Assessment: What You Get

You'll receive a written report that includes:

  • A review of your buyer persona’s strengths and weaknesses

  • Recommendations for eliminating the weaknesses

  • Identification of gaps with suggestions to close them – and where to find that information

  • Ideas for application of the buyer persona to content marketing strategy

  • A 30-minute review call with Ardath where she’ll walk you through the report and answer your questions

How it works:

  • Submit payment via credit card
  • Complete the application survey via the link in your confirmation email (8 simple questions and your contact information)
  • Indicate if you’ll need an NDA for the work to be performed (I always consider my clients’ information to be bound by privacy, but sometimes the formality of an agreement is preferred.)
  • Upon completion of the survey, you’ll receive an email with your timeline – usually less than 10 days – and options for scheduling the review call
  • Reply to the email with the B2B buyer persona as an attachment (PDF or PowerPoint) and the option you’d like for the review call.
  • You’ll receive a meeting invite for the review call

**Please note that this service is not provided to marketing agencies or consultants. It is intended to help corporate marketers.

B2B Buyer Persona Assessment
$1,497.00 USD